Deep, Cleansing Breath….

Wednesday.  4 kids at summer camp this week so only 4 at home.  I know you might not get that, but it’s SO much easier and I enjoy the more one on one time I get with the kids.  Chris took the day off (since it’s one of my days off) and we went to the lake.  No super early departure, no stress, no hassle.  Just a nice, fun trip to the lake.

Me chillin’!

Nicolas peeking





Kids tubing

Chris. You can see me in the mirror taking the pic

Kezia wake boarding

Yesterday (Thursday if I have my days in order) I decided to have the 4 kiddos bike while I ran.  I wanted 10 miles but decided to do a part of the bike path I haven’t done before.  Maybe a mistake but this is how we learn…. Some things just don’t go as planned.  I like to plan.  It makes me happy.  Over time, however, I think I’ve learned to let some things go.  Just breathe….  I’ll also readily admit that things NOT going as planned are sometimes even better.

The best four member crew team EVER!!!

We drove the path to get a feel for where we wanted to park.  Done.  I know the bike path goes about 9 miles from this point so ten with an out and back shouldn’t be an issue.  Right??  Just 5 miles.  Wrong.  We started.  Kezia’s chain fell off.  No biggie.  After 20 minutes of fighting it and wishing I had a sledge hammer a very nice man stopped to help.  In about 30 seconds it was done.  Really??  Yes, I’m thankful.  Yes, I was frustrated.  We were off again.  One of the water bottles was too small and kept falling out.  So I carried it.  I don’t like carrying things but oh well.  Right??  We were having a pretty good time even in 90* heat.

Best kids ever!! Stopping for a photo op

The biggest issue is that the bike path didn’t allow bikes on it.  I don’t understand either.  So we were on the path, down to the road back and forth.  That meant I was running with traffic so the kids could follow the bike rules, watching them and figuring out where they could be on the path….  It was just a little distracting.  The point for me to use the bike path is to NOT think.  NOT to be distracted and NOT to worry about vehicles.  The path winds with the river and goes through downtown which is fun – lots of energy, lots going on.  But for me it was just more to watch out for.

I had to pee at the start of the run and usually there are open buildings.  Couldn’t find anything.  Even detoured to see if we could find one.  Running is more fun when the bladder is empty….  When I ran I averaged 8:30 minute miles, but my overall time was 10:14 so that gives you an idea how much we had to reroute, stop, figure things out, etc…  Taylor was lead bike and main crew for me.  The great thing is how much we talked.  He runs quite a bit now and if anything happens to throw him off his groove, if he has to stop for any reason, the run is over for him.  So talking about how there are naturally going to be distractions, how your mileage and time isn’t always what you want, how much of running is a mental game, how great it is just to be out there doing something even if it doesn’t go as planned – it was a fantastic opportunity to hopefully teach them those lessons.  Just breathe.  Just roll with it.  Just be happy for everything you do have.  At 2 miles the path ended to pick up again after utilizing some downtown streets.  But we stopped.  It was hot, taking a long time and I didn’t know what the kids would be able to bike on.  So we turned around.

We went a slightly different way back because I thought we’d avoid more traffic and found this:

Every runner/bikers dream!!

I have to say I don’t usually have big expectations for porta-potties.   But this one was one of the most disgusting I’ve seen yet.  And still, this is how I felt:

YES!! Prayers really do get answered!!!

We got back to the van with just over 4 miles on the books.  Sure it wasn’t what I’d hoped for but we certainly did have a wonderful time.  Life is good….


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