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It’s A New Week!!! What’s in store??

Amazing quote by PunkRockRacing’s Ron:

“A day when these shortcomings may be all you have left to hang on to. When you’ve put yourself out there and given all you have for all to see and in those final moments, as you make your way down that finishers chute, you realize that it’s the people who waited who control those final moments of your journey, for it is them, not you, who provide the energy to finish. We literally float across the finish line, lifted by the spectators and for that moment in time, for that one second, we are more than ourselves. We are greater than the sum of our parts. We’re that person we’ve always wanted to be. We are heroes, champions, winners and gods, if only for a split second in time… A stupid, wonderful microsecond of time.

You’re alive. Prove it.”

I’m usually so freaking happy and optimistic I don’t necessarily need motivational quotes to give me that extra oomph but I do really, really like them.  Like the quote above, it puts me back in that moment and captures how I felt in a way that I feel inadequate to capture.  I got choked up a couple days ago thinking about that exact moment captured in the above quote.  Saucony’s Find Your Strong Project had an entry that asked “What is your post run reward?”  Well, having a large family means less “rewards” in a monetary way, but so many more in every other way.  The Project asked to post a picture of your reward.  Here was my entry:

Me with 9 of my favorite post run rewards!!

I have the privilege of being an example every day to 13 children.  I’m not always a perfect example – there’s no parenting utopia – but I try.  I’m an example of a strong, confident, independent woman with a good self image, boundaries, good eating habits.  I know my children feel how much I love them, that they are important to me, that they are capable of achieving great things.  I can’t go buy the pair of running shoes I”m currently drooling over right this second and I’ve never placed an order with Lulumon but I’m not cheated out of nice things either.  And this??  Seeing this at the finish line screaming at me, ringing cowbells and holding their signs??  Seeing my time and hearing them say, “That’s awesome, Mom!!  We knew you could do it!!”

It just doesn’t get better than that.


Oh, yes. Favorite day of the year. OK, one of them anyway. I woke up and (since Chris isn’t a morning person) moved to the office (aka Gentleman’s Retreat) to wait for the kids. They brought in breakfast – my favorite – and as always made enough so we all ate it together. Then they gave me the presents they’d made in school, the handmade cards, the things that I treasure most.  They even squeezed orange juice for me.  I totally deserved it!

Then we suited up for the Avengers movie.  Four of my girls decided they wanted to dress me.  Needless to say I was a little concerned.  They started pulling things from my closet, drawers, they consulted each other….  The final outfit was fantastic and without their knowledge it was nearly all BodyRock Sport by Kelly Dooley!!  I’ll wear anything from her any day of the week!!

The movie was fantastic, we took up two rows (naturally) and every one of us thought it was very well done.  Go see it.

Bri got here after work and did the grocery shopping for my M Day dinner.  A penne dish with sausage, 3 types of cheese and homemade sauce.  She needs to name it.  It’s amazing!!!  Before cooking dinner, Bri, Taylor and I did a 3 mile run and holy cow those two make me laugh!!!  I’m not sure we actually got anything done (except we did make the loop back to the car) but we sure laughed a lot.  At home Bri cooked while Chris and I hiked the dogs 2 miles.  Lovely!!

Dinner and lemon squares (homemade of course!!) were divine.  I love my life!!!

Taylors 13th Bday and 4 Miles

My son turned 13 today. When I picked him up from school he said, “Dude, Mom can you buy me a Coke since it’s my birthday?” So we stopped at the gas station and he got a Coke which is something we don’t often have in my house. He burped like a freak which of course I rated on the rest of the drive.  He might be hitting pro status.  I asked what else he would like today and he said he wanted to run 4 miles with me. Done.

Taylor looks confused about having a birthday

We did the 4 mile hill run past my house.  I averaged 8:40 minute miles, Chris averaged 9:40 minute miles and Taylor was right in between us.  All the kids played outside and cheered us on when we ran past the house both times.  They also took pictures and we just can’t get enough of those!!  It was about 70* today with about 12 mph winds… I love my family.  We’re crazy.  You’re welcome.

Here’s the recap in pictures:

Holy Wind Tunnel Batman!!!

Wind blows. Literally and figuratively. Saying that makes me giggle. Wind in warmer temperatures is easier than in cold temperatures but 25 mph is still blustery. Today is supposed to be more calm: 6-11 mph and I can’t wait to get out there.  I’m also motivated to find a new 12-14 mile run for Mondays on Google Maps today.  I have my computer and my bike path map of Reno ready to go.

Post half-marathon last Sunday.

I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation;  about believing that you can do something.  My kids made this sign for me.  It’s a favorite saying and is slated to be in one of the T-shirt designs I’m working on.  When I finished the half last Sunday and PR’d by 15 minutes, my family hugged me and my kids said, “We knew you could do it Mom!!”  (as they were jumping up and down, clapping and hugging me – it doesn’t get any better than that!)  My husband hugged me and said, “That was amazing!  You’re a badass!”.  They believed in me.

There’s a difference between KNOWING you can do something as in – it’s physically possible like building my clientele at the new salon and starting over or running the half in 1:47 – and BELIEVING you can do something.  That’s why this saying is so powerful to me.  Like, Hey, no big deal, I just believed in it enough then went out and made it happen.

Most of us admit that the majority of our battle with achieving goals is mental.  It’s that nasty, horrible, doubting, relentless voice in our head that preys on our potential not to believe we can.

Set goals.  Work hard.  Then believe that you can!!

Smile Until It Hurts

Yesterday I did 5 nice, slow miles with Chris on the bike path by the river. I stopped and stretched when I felt like it, I wasn’t in a hurry, I enjoyed the sunshine and said hello other athletically minded people who were out doing the same thing. I averaged 9 minute miles to get things loosened up after the half marathon.  The entire time I was probably smiling like a maniac. Just genuinely enthralled with life.  Embracing the moment, living in it.

Not only do I love their clothing line, I admire Athleta’s mission

Not only in running, but in life this is so true.  With my very recent change in job location, starting over, rebuilding myself in my career I’ve been reflecting on the curve balls life has thrown my way.  From the journey of my childhood, to the journey of being on my own at 17 years old, to the opportunities that have been placed in front of me as well as the disasters, the mistakes I’ve made and that through it all I believe I’ve remained true to myself.  Life is not about the destination, it’s all about the journey.  And the passion and attitude we embrace it with.

Now, about that next finish line…..

Tattoos and Time

I have three tattoos but those aren’t the ones I’m talking about.  I got a pace tattoo to try out and see how I liked it.  My ten year old daughter put it on me at 6 am Sunday before the race.  She said she’s the best at it because “You did it so many times to me, Mom when I wanted a fake tattoo that I learned how and now I’m the best.”  It didn’t come out perfectly but she stole a line from me.  “It’s OK.  It’s just the edge got a little smudged but you can still read everything.  No one will notice at all.”  Thanks, Bug (which is her nickname.  Cute as a bug.”)

This was taken after the half marathon just before I got in the shower

Nice, blurry picture.  You’re welcome.  I got this from Pace Tat online.  They’re inexpensive, got it to me quickly and it’s easy to get the time you want.  They send the full marathon tattoo and you cut it down to the race you’re doing.

Two things I did that are not smart:  1.)  It was cold for my race so I ended up wearing arm warmers with my tank top thinking that when it warmed up I’d take them off.  It never warmed up enough.  So this was covered.  Duh!!  2.)  I have a Garmin which keeps track of my distance, my current speed as well as my average speed so I’m already in brainless mode.  If it injected me with Gu it’d be perfect.  Maybe I”ll contact them and see if the Garmin company can set that up for me….  Injectable Gu.  I’m a genius.

This is what I do know:  If you’re on a budget, have a watch that keeps time (stop watch mode) but you want a way to track more easily without doing numbers in your head constantly, this is perfect.  None of my kids have a Garmin so for their races it’d be perfect.  Try it…  You’ll like it…

I thought Sundays were supposed to be LAZY??!!

SO, after an insanely crazy Saturday but still getting everything done on my to do list, I woke up Sunday at 5 am to get ready for the half marathon. Woke Bri and Christopher up, then the rest of the kids, then Chris who decided to go even though he’s as far opposite of “morning person” as you can possibly get.

It was about 35* and forecasted to get to about 50* by the time we left, so everyone was bundled up with thier hot chocolate.  When we got there I searched everywhere for Charlie, caught a glimpse of him once but lost him.  Did the port-a-potty thing and felt the nervous anxiety of starting a race.

I haven’t signed up for a half in two years.  I run 12 miles every week for my long run, but just haven’t done a race.  In the past I’ve averaged 2:02-2:11.  I knew I had gotten faster in the last couple years by quite a bit.  My goal was to break the 2 hour mark but my FANTASY was to run a 1:45.  Charlie and his posse were on board and nowhere to be found.  The race began and I figured I’d just do my thing to the best of my ability.  I knew some friends were volunteering at the aid station at 2 miles (and 11 miles on the way back) so it was nice to see them and my pace was great.  I was finding my groove.  Just after passing through, I spotted Charlie and crew up ahead.  I was so excited!!  I figured even if I didn’t catch up, I could maintain my pace just behind.  But a quarter of a mile later, I was with the group.

I’ve paced before.  It’s very rewarding.  You go slow for your own pace so it’s an “easy” run, but you get to offer encouragement and really push the person to their goal.  Like a badass cheerleader!!  I’ve never had a pacer though.  I wondered if I’d want to hang out with them the entire time.  If I’d do better alone like I’m so used to.  Unfounded concerns.  Charlie and crew were fantastic.  Not a ton of chatting but just pleasant to be with them.

I’m adamant about saying thank you to every volunteer, police officer, etc..  because it’s so unselfish of them to give thier time so we can run the event.  Charlie takes that and raises it.  He knew freaking everyone I swear and those he didn’t know he thanked and then said, “Give me some skin!!” and high fived everyone.  I giggled a lot from mile 2-6 with them.  At mile 3.5 we saw the first of the marathoners coming towards us (who started half an hour before we did).  I tried to figure the guys time out but my head exploded so we all decided it was freaky fast.  Then we got to yell “good job!” to every marathon runner who passed us on their way home.  Can you say overdose of positive energy??

At mile six our “team” fell behind.  Charlie had to decide to hang back and get them or push me.  He decided to push me even though I let him know I’d be OK, but his pacing promise is to run at a certain speed and encourage everyone.  So it’s up to us to stick with him and push it.  At mile 7 we got Gu, water and I used a port-a-potty which I usually don’t need to do but hey, when ya’ gotta’ go, ya’ gotta’ go.

It was beautiful out, there were about 2500 participants in the races, the aid stations, potty breaks and people were amazing.  Very, very well run and marked, fairly flat and extremely fun.  We kept on keeping on and at mile ten I hit the wall.  I hate that damn wall.  I read somewhere that when you hit a wall remember there’s a door.  WHERE IS IT???!!!  It might be locked.  IDK.  A little while later when Charlie was encouraging me to keep it up I told him that he could run his race and finish strong and I’d see him at the finish.  He said, “I didn’t think you were a quitter.  After being pregnant 7 times and your husband and kids waiting for you with their cow bells and signs, I really thought you’d give it all you’ve got.”  NICE…..  “I’m not a quitter.  They are waiting.  I want this so badly.”  “OK, he said.  Then lets keep moving at this pace.  That’s all you have to do is keep this pace.  Stay at my shoulder.”  Okie Dokie.

At mile 11 we passed the aid station where I had friends and I wanted to look strong for them.  I looked at my Garmin and realized I was on target to finish at 1:47.  HOLY CRAP!!!!  I hadn’t really been paying attention.  Can you say STOKED??!!  Mile 12 I realized it’s the first time in 2 years I’ve run this far.  Sure a 12 mile run every week is awesome, but I just busted past it.  My family was waiting in a mile to cheer me on.  I saw someone I knew on the sidelines (finally instead of Charlie and all his freinds!) and waved and said hello.  Charlie looked at me and said, “OK, no more talking.  Just focus on this last mile.  We’re going to pick up the pace and finish strong past your family.”

That’s when I got emotional.  That’s when it hit me what a pacer does for you.  That’s when the thought of seeing all my kids screaming me in and waving their signs made me want to sob.  That’s when the first thing I wanted to feel was my husbands arms around me and to hear him tell me how proud he is of me.  So we turned it on!!

I finished at exactly 1:47.  9th in my age division, 161 overall.  SWEET!!!!!  Then Charlie was off to find everyone else he was supporting but not before I hugged him and told him I couldn’t have finished strong those last 3 miles without him.  How do you thank someone for THAT??!!  And my family (who got two pictures in the paper because they’re so freaking cute AND amazing) who were waiting for me – how do you thank them for THAT??!!  Well, you say thank you and know it’s just not enough.

There’s SO much going on!!

Well, since Wednesday I’ve worked, hung out with the kids, cursed the high winds, cooked, had another childs birthday, cleaned the house. Super exciting things that should keep you riveted to this post.

Alana’s 14th birthday. Yes it’s a tradition for me to mash a piece into their face. I thoroughly enjoy it

This morning 2 of my boys went to a scout activity, then it was packet pickup at Scheels for my half marathon tomorrow and the 19 & 20 year olds 10K.  Then had a free fun run so 5 of my other kids got signed up for that.  Scheels did a fantastic job.  No timing, just a bunch of kids and some parents doing a nicely marked little course around the parking lot.  The kids got race bibs, a cotton T-shirt, Honest Tea bottled drinks, a medal that looked like a dog tag and some individual bags of snacks.

Packet pickup for the kids!!

I ran into a friend of mine – Charlie who I haven’t seen since the Turkey Trot, but we cyber stalk each other on Facebook.  I was so happy to see him after so long and he offered to pace me tomorrow.  Done and done.  He said there’s a few of them all running the same pace.

My friend Charlie who is way faster than I am!!

Since we’re leaving at 6 am tomorrow and it’s supposed to be 40*, I have the breakfast bars and fruit out as well as travel mugs and hot chocolate.  The kids have their clothes out and ready to go, cowbells packed and signs made.

My mom in law, Me, Olivia and Christopher (my kids) today at packet pickup


Hump Day Hills, Wind and How Kids Mess Up Plans

65* today, overcast with winds from 11-25 mph. What the heck, the wind isn’t stopping so why should I?? 4 mile hill run by my house like every Wed. Averaged 8:20 minute miles which is okie dokie with me.  My son, Taylor ran with me as per usual.  He rocks as per usual.

My plan for today was, wear super cute running clothes – 2 things I have been saving to try so I can decide how much I like them – go to marketing meeting with a friend to help me with my new job, meet Chris at the bike path, do 5 mile run, run errands and pick up kids STILL looking cute in outfit.  That’s not how it went down….

Got super cute running outfit on and brought kids to school.  Got the Nike tennis dress on Ebay for $30 (1/3 price) during the winter so it’s been tapping it’s fingers waiting for warm weather.  Nike black running jacket I’ve had for years, J. Jill wedge sandals are a bazillion years old but I heart them.  Cute and comfy.  Favorite Alaska coffee mug I got when I visited AK last summer.  I lived there for a decade.

Insert super cute outfit here:

Under super cute outfit are my Skirt Sport shorts.  They were rated VERY highly but I had my doubts.  I got them this winter also and crossed my fingers.  I prefer a 3″ inseam and these are 5″ but I’m so tall they’re fine length wise under my running dresses.  2 side pockets for Gu, key, etc… Low rise.

These were AWESOME!!!

The face I was planning on making if the wind blew my dress up over my head like I expected. Don’t ever make this face. Seriously

I did my meeting and it was fabulous.  I don’t have new clients but I have direction. As I was pulling out of the parking lot to call and meet Chris I got a call to pick up one of the kids from school.  Chris couldn’t wait for me so he did the run alone, I went to the school.  Since I missed out on that I decided I’d do the shopping, run errands, pick up the kids and THEN run.  Good news.  I was in the shorts and dress for 7 hours before running.  They were both great!!!

The shorts are everything they were rated.  They don’t move, are comfortable, not compression but are fitted.   They’re worth every penny.  I’m thinking I should get all my clubbing clothes out of moth balls and wear these babies under everything.  Oh, wait.  I don’t have clubbing clothes….  Huh.  The dress was also great.  Comfy, cute, didn’t flip up, not heavy.  Loved it!! Here’s to fashion meets function!!

Post running and 8 hours of wearing this…. I’m a beast…

Tuesday is the new Monday

Since I switched jobs this week (today actually), I can’t do my long run on Tuesdays. I’m a hairdresser and I moved to a new salon. The days and hours are completely different which isn’t a bad thing. Change is good. Scary as hell but good. Now my days off are Sunday, Monday and Saturday’s are optional. Geez, I’d better get to work!!

This morning leaving my house to start my job at the new salon

It was a good week to start looking at new routes since I just did a shorter but very difficult race Saturday and I have a half marathon this coming Sunday.  Of course I want to push myself race day!!  So yesterday was a 6 miler and today will be 3-4 miles.  I’ve been studying Google Maps and Map My Run to try and map out a new 12-14 mile loop from my house (hey, actually I could drive somewhere to do it) for Monday mornings to replace my Tuesday Twelve when I ran to the old shop.  Some decisions are just tough.  Thankfully, this isn’t one of them!!

Here’s to happy running!!