Free Swag!!

Don’t get me wrong, free swag is always a good thing. I love getting packages in the mail. I like the thrill of seeing a package addressed to ME, opening it, looking through it, etc… I’ve won two items previously – neither of which were things I necessarily wanted but I still enjoyed the process.  Even packet pickup goodies – many of which I don’t use – is exciting.  Silly, I know.

A couple days ago I got a package in the mail…  I had applied to be on a relay team this August in Oregon with NUUN – an electrolyte replacement company.  I use their product and really have enjoyed watching the company.  I wanted this race.  Badly.  Really badly.  I knew my chances of getting on the team were slim to none but still I held out hope.  When the team was announced, I was not on it.  Although I knew this was the probability, I was still bummed.  Really bummed.  Sigh….  Maybe next year.

At any rate, the good people at NUUN decided to send me a “we know you didn’t get chosen but we’re going to send you a box of stuff to take the sting out” package.  Nothing can replace the race and how badly I wanted to be on that team, but it sure was a nice thing for the folks at NUUN to do.   It c ame!!  I was excited!!  It’s great to finally get something that I use, I want and I support!!!  Thanks, NUUN, for keeping my hydrated and replenishing my electrolytes for all the training I’ll do to get on the team next year!!!!

Two water bottles, 4 pack of NUUN!!

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