Tuesday Twelve 4-17-2012

HOLY COW!!! I BROKE THE 9 MINUTE MILE! I averaged for my 12 miles 8:53. It was a goal to break the 9 minute mile. Anything 10 miles and under I average in the 8’s but my 12 miler is “long and slow” and there are hills. Big ones. Really big ones. I started tracking my Tuesday Twelves and realized I was 9:11-9:04 minute miles. So why not??!! Well, because it’s hard. For me. Duh.

This morning was supposed to be in the 40’s with low winds.  So I set out my running skirt, shirt, possible vest, no gloves or hat.  When I got up and called the airport it was 32* and 5mph winds.  So I got the tights back out, my jacket, gloves and a headband.  Bummer.  But still pretty good weather.

I got to the 6.5 mile mark and turned to head up the two mile hill.  I felt pretty good, turned on the tunes which was helpful and realized the temperature was getting warmer and I just felt good.  In the groove.  Half way up the hill I checked my Garmin.  My average was below 9 and I realized it was possible today to crack the 9 minute mile overall.  Well, I KNOW it possible.  Duh!  I know lots of women who do under 8 minute miles consistently but not me.  Not for my long run.

What I realized is that it was feasible TODAY.  And that felt amazing.  So I dug in.  I pushed the hill and I flew down it.  I navigated the crosswalks at intersections and the massive volume of construction, the university sprinklers (not ready for those yet!) and pedestrians that take up the side walk.  I dug in for that last 4.5 miles to see if I had it in me.  I did.  I beat my record on the 2 mile hill.  I beat my overall time.  I dug in.


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