Weekend Warrior

It’s been consistently windy here. As in 40+ mph, raining, etc… Pretty yucky stuff. I’ll run in nearly anything because the run feels so good – even in bad weather – that it’s worth it. Except wind like that. The kids are bummed about their training not going as well as they hoped. (They are so dang cute!!) But I reassured them that their race isn’t until the 3rd week of June so they’ll be fine.  I love when they talk running!!

I’ve noticed that I’ve been remiss on downloading my Garmin on Daily Mile. I would say when I feel like I haven’t been logging as many miles, I don’t like seeing the number at the end of the week but that’s not really true.  I would like my numbers to be consistently around 30 per week.  But I also feel confident that after several years of running I have a great base, I know I’m always half marathon ready and in horrid weather, even without a treadmill as backup, I have enough miles per week and run enough days to string myself along even if I’m only running about 18 miles per week. So pretty much I’m just lazy.  Good to know…

Sunday promises to be gorgeous, 55* with only up to 13 mph winds – so Chris and I and all the kids are going to run/bike.  CAN’T WAIT!!!!  We’re all excited and the kids are asking if it will be harder since it’s been a couple weeks, if they’ll be slow, what they should wear…  They are awesome!!

In other news…..  Chris and I attended (alone as in wear your big girl panties!) his cousins wedding this weekend.  I asked his dad to take a pic with my phone and after about a dozen attempts, this is the best shot.  We had a good time.  We feel it our duty – no – our honor and privileged – to make fun of everyone on our side of the family and hope they’re doing the same to us….

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