Hump Day Hills and Thankful Thursday

A 2-fer!! Pretty much I’m still running every chance I get that there’s a break in the weather. Tuesday was the last time. It sucks to have 40+ MPH winds but hey, what are ya’ gonna’ do?? Still looking for that treadmill….

Nothing like being a strong, capable, honest, compassionate woman who laughs a lot.  Mostly at myself.  Let them tell me I can’t….  Watch me!!  I’m thankful for attitude!!

I had an epiphany today.  I’ve gotten questions about what my “vice” is.  I still don’t know that I have one.  I like my house clean, I take good care of things, I own over 130 pairs of shoes and wear every single pair, I like to cook, I love watching my kids grow up.  But when I think of a vice I think of something you do that makes you feel better.  Some people drink, some escape into a clouded world of drugged euphoria, some smoke, some eat to feel happy.

The kids and I went shopping at Target yesterday.  (Pronounced Tar-jay also known as the Bulls-eye Boutique).  I noticed that my kids pattern me.  I “feel” clothes.  When I walk through racks of clothing and I see things I like I touch them.  That’s a deal breaker for me.  If they don’t feel delicious, I won’t buy them.  All my kids do the same thing.  “Oooh, Mom, look at this one.  Feel it!”.  It’s awesome.  Olivia had babysitting money and we found a shirt in the running department.  Long sleeved, hood, relaxed fit, long body, 3 colors.  It felt divine.  She begged and pleaded asked to borrow the $5 she was short and got two – gray and blue.  I was tapped out with all the freaking birthdays so I’ll have to go back.  She said it was a good purchase because she can wear them running when it’s just a little chilly AND wear them for everyday.  Another 2-fer!!!

Today I finally got dressed after cleaning and cooking.  I sat in front of my closet and felt my shirts until I felt the one I wanted.  That’s when it hit me.  My vice.  Last night I wore my silk Ann Taylor tank top in eggplant to bed and most of today.  I love clothes that feel good.  I feel better when I’m in them.  Soft, yummy, delicious clothes are my vice.

Olivia in her new blue, soft shirt and me in my T-shirt. Both feel equally yummy-licious!!

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