I Am Unbelievably Honored or I JUST PEED MYSELF!!!!

You know when you have a moment when you think “No way!! It’s not right! Is it?? Holy cow it is??!!” And you’re so excited you hope you have access to a potty because you’re afraid you’ll pee yourself. Or at least do the potty dance??  I AM SO THERE!!!

I did a post not so long ago on Kelly Dooley’s company BodyRock Sport in NYC. A woman and a company I admire, that motivates me to be better. I contacted Kelly to let her know “Hey, what you’re doing is amazing, inspiring, wonderful, gutsy, badass and I appreciate you” and also let her know I had written a blog about her products. I wasn’t sponsored or paid, I just genuinely adore sharing products that make me a better runner, mom, person in general.  She read about me and asked me to submit MY story because it inspired HER. I just love when that happens!!! So I did and I’ve been featured (immortalized really if you think about it) on her webpage!!!

This is her webpage.

This is the Facebook link.

It is beyond an honor.  Women who inspire and amaze others with their strength, courage, optimism and passion (and subsequently their companies) should be openly admired.  Kelly is a woman who genuinely ignites in me the desire to be better than I am.  To a strong, beautiful woman.  Thank you!!

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