Hump Day Hills and Thankful Thursday

It’s a Two-fer. Couldn’t run yesterday for the 4 mile hill run, couldn’t run with the kids to get their 3 mile run in and didn’t run with Chris to do a 3-4 mile short, fast run.  Nope.  Nada.  The winds here have continued to be brutal. From 15 but often up to 30+ mph. The good news is the temperature’s are going up, but still, with that much wind running gets put on hold. Although I don’t like missing my runs and I’m very much a creature of habit, I try not to go stir crazy or let it irritate me.

Brianna and me at a race

I remember finding out I was pregnant with Brianna, the first of my pregnancies.  I have no adequate words for how excited, shocked (infertility said it wouldn’t be) I was and yes, I even felt a little trepidation.  I feel verbally inferior attempting to describe the absolute consuming joy I felt when she was born.  I don’t know if there are temporal words to explain a nearly spiritual journey.  It’s amazing to me that she’ll be 20 in less than 3 weeks.  Or that with adoption and subsequent deliveries, 12 more children call me Mom.

Chris and the kids met me at the end of a half marathon in 2009.

I have felt that joy every time I adopted or gave birth.  My children are all the same to me whether they grew in my heart or under it.

I never feel selfish when I go for a run.  My kids have grown up with it, so it’s no big deal to them.  They wait for me, take pictures for me, help me with my blog from time to time.  They ask how my run was and look forward to their runs now that all of them have graduated out of the stroller and onto bikes (not even a training wheel in sight!) or running right beside me.  They speak fluent running dialect and understand healthy eating and exercise.  My favorite is seeing them at the end of a race, running me in or cheering me on.  NO ONE has a family quite as big and supportive as I do!!  And my most favorite in the whole world is being at the finish for them.

Packet pickup for the kids 5K and Fun Run Oct 2011

So if they’re so great and bring me so much joy, it wouldn’t be fair for me to be grouchy if my compulsively scheduled runs don’t happen as planned due to situations I can’t control.  Sure, I’m disappointed.  Yes, I wish I was out pounding the pavement.  Of course I get a little stir crazy.  But my running gear is waiting patiently for me and in the meantime I get that much more time hanging with the little ones that mean the most to me as well as the big guy that tolerates me so well.

Today I took off work to go on a field trip with Olivia, my nearly 16 year old daughter.  She had a choir festival at the University and we had a blast.  Plus I’m ecstatic that she still wants me around to hang out with her.

Olivia and me on the bus!!

Last night we watched part of Biggest Loser that we taped.  The show suggested as a healthy option for a snack to use the frozen Yoplait smoothies.  So today after school we headed to Wally World and grabbed the Chocolate Banana.  When home, we got homework out of the way, whipped up the smoothie and finished watching Biggest Loser together.

Then Gabrielle got started on dinner – it was her turn – and made Chicken Alfredo from scratch with a little assistance from her Mom.

Gabi getting a little help from Mom

I have a blessed life.  I am amazed daily at how fortunate I am.  I’m not perfect.  I do get grouchy sometimes.  But for the most part I know once the wind calms down, the road will be waiting for me and I’ll have my time.

My family at dinner tonight minus me behind the camera

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