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Tuesday Twelve

This is the Tuesday Twelve that wasn’t. Yesterday we woke up to beautiful sun and several inches of snow. It was 30*, lightly snowing and breathtaking. I was wishing it was Tuesday so I could run to work in it.  But it was Monday so I took an hour to drive to work, got there on time, worked a 9 1/2 hour day and then went to visit Fraternities.

My shop is just a few blocks from the University of Nevada Reno (UNR) so we do a lot of outreach there.  Fraternities are fun to visit (and make me feel old!) but still makes for a long day.  Met Chris for dinner and got home after 8pm.  Exhausted.  My laptop has been getting really hot and it was exhausted too because it died.  Time to send it to my bro in law who’s the master computer dude.

So, now Chris and I are sharing a laptop.  Again.  Which is great.  I have a husband willing to share and I’m not dead in the water.  But I like my stuff.  So I’m pouting.

This morning I woke up at 6 and because I’m a genius I’ve woken up and not called the sexy automated weather dude and it’s been horrid out, I called.  9* with 10mph winds.  Huh.  I have a “don’t run under 10* weather” rule and I detest wind so I begrudgingly bagged the run.  I had braced myself for this occurring so I wasn’t devastated.  Just really, really bummed.  It’s only the second time in almost a year that I’ve had to bag it – both times because of this winters weather.  BUT I slept two more hours, woke up more refreshed and got myself adjusted at my chiropractor’s.  Since I really needed it, I guess it’s OK to sometimes not have things go as planned.

I feel great, stole borrowed “our” laptop for my day at work and I know that my running will be just fine.


Another Lazy Sunday

Yes, it was another lazy Sunday. I was up at 7:30 and Chris was up at 10:30 so I was antsy and raring to go by the time he was staggering into wakefulness. We planned a run – he was doing 5 miles, I was doing 6. We finally got out to the run around 12?? I think. Later than I wanted but the weather was better than I expected.

I haven’t had a run this crappy in I can’t remember when….  You know when a run starts fine and for no apparent reason you start thinking “I have my phone.  How bout if I sit down and just call for a ride.”  Nothing going on, you just can’t get your head in the game.  Absolutely, completely a mental thang….  BUT, I finished the 6 miles, Chris finished his 5 (and his head was in the same sewer as mine since his run was crap as well).  We sat at the park looking confused wondering WTH happened??  I still managed an 8:38 minute mile – even with walking 4 times which I don’t usually do at all.  And guess what.  It’s done.  And no matter what, that always feels fantastic.

SO since I have this anniversary money to be frivolous with….  This is what I got!!!

My camera is big, pretty old, batteries always falling out….  I can still use it for the family or as a backup but it’s really, really seen better days.  I’ve been looking at new compact versions, studied them, reading up, etc… and decided to jump in with this one. $105 from (saved 58%).  Fuji T300

The Fuji T300. My old camera is a Fuji so I'm excited about this new compact version

The Giselle Bra from BodyRock Sport.  $64 for a kick butt sports bra which is NOT how I roll.  Generally I get inexpensive and wear them into the ground.  I saw reviews on the bra and have followed the company for a few months.  It was a big wish list item.

When this arrives and I take a pic, don't expect the guns to be quite this big....

I’m attending a Womens reTREAT in August.  I paid the first half, have been saving for the second and final installment due mid-May.  I decided to get it taken care of because it’s my big travel splurge for this year.  It’s nice to have it paid off and do one responsible thing with my money. $163

I cannot wait to go!!!!

Chris and I were in our local running store a couple weeks ago to browse pay for the entries in last weekends 10K.  I had a list of running shoes I wanted to try on from the Runners World “find the right shoe” review article and I tried them all on plus one.  AND I love, love, love my Ultimate Direction Wink hydration pack (can’t tolerate anything around my waist or hips) but it’s a little big for runs 10 miles and shorter.  I read reviews on the Nathan Minimist and a couple others.  The store had a couple of the packs I wanted to look at.  So I had my drooling wish list stored in my brain from that visit.  We went back in today after our run.  I ended up settling on the Nathan pack and the Brooks PureConnect running shoe.  I spent $169.  I never pay full price.  It made me a little dizzy.

On the way to our run today

Brooks PureConnect

Trying out the Nathan vest!!

I spent $501.  It’s gone.  The adrenaline rush is over.  It happens so fast!  Still, my reTREAT is paid and I have two awesome items coming in the mail. I got a great deal on my new camera and paid (GASP!) full price for three dream items.  Not a bad anniversary….  I think I’ll keep him around.

What would you spend $500 on???


My therapist is the pavement. My drug is endorphins. My foe is the next hill. I am a runner.


I’d like to point out to my husband that because I don’t pay for a therapist or drugs I’m saving us A LOT of money by running.  It may not seem that way with all the gear I have, but trust me it’s the truth!!

I worked Saturday for a whopping 6 hours.  I don’t mind working Saturdays but I have to admit it throws off my natural rhythm a bit.  Now I’m thinking of the things that need to be cleaned, the sewing I want to get to, the lounging around that didn’t happen as much….  Sigh….  Still, I got caught up on my Believe Running Journal (that I adore!) I have a list of all races and prices until July and my list of “I want to buy these even though I don’t really need them” has been updated.

My anniversary was the 20th.  Chris and I aren’t really very good at celebrating our anniversary.  We usually get ourselves what we want when we can so presents are difficult.  I have no idea what to get the man who has everything (with the exception of a new boat or new truck….).  He’s at a loss with me as well.  SO we generally do a “no present” rule for all holidays.  This year, Chris went out of town on our anniversary to do a tile job.  He said it would take the week but was only gone just under 3 days.  Since he worked 16 hour days to get it done, he made pretty good money.  My surprise was an envelope with $500 to spend on anything I want!!!!  HOLY CRAP!  With 13 kids and 8 still at home I don’t generally have that kind of cash to spend on MYSELF!!!  I don’t regret our life at all, but lets face it – kids cost money!!

At first I thought I’d spend it on “smart” things.  Instead, I’m doing a combination.  Blog to follow after shopping stuff gets here….  What an awesome surprise!  He said he thought about getting me jewelry but decided it would be better spent wild and crazy.  He was correct!!

What would you spend $500 on if you didn’t have to be responsible???

Chris and me the day before our anniversary doing a 10K

8 of our kids. They are DA BOMB!!!

Kids training

The great thing about the kids training is that I get mileage. Even if it’s short, it’s still miles logged. Plus with them I”m forced to go slowly which is also a good change. And the time we spend together is priceless.

After the run 2 kids and I went to the store.  THERE’S A NEW HEALTH FOOD SECTION!!!  I can now grind 2 kinds of nut butter and there’s BINS and BINS of bulk health food.  This is very exciting.  As Olivia and I stood and stared in wonder, she whispered, “Mom it’s just like Christmas”  I said, “Even better than Christmas”.  Sigh….

Hump Day Hills

I know it’s Thursday.I’m late in writing this.   In our house Wednesday is the busiest day. I run immediately after picking the kids up from school or it would never get done. I did my 4 mile hill run but I was alone. My son Taylor went with me, but he was taking it slow, my BRF couldn’t make it and my husband was driving in from out of town. That meant I got to set my own pace and get in my groove. I averaged 8:21 minute miles! Yay me!!! My kids decided the reason…

Tuesday when I left the house at 6:45am for my run it was 23*.  Wednesday afternoon it was 60*!!!  Welcome to Reno, NV!!  I was so excited to get out for a run in that temperature I could hardly contain myself!!!  It’s amazing how strongly the weather can affect us.  For my birthday in December, one of my gifts was a running dress.  OK, it’s in the “tennis” department, but works the same.  My kids ask me regularly when I’ll wear it (I actually have 3 of them) and of course with winter temps the only option is to let it take up space in my drawer.  But not this day!!!  The kids and I were so excited.  LOVE me some new running gear!!  So the reason I had such great time is the dress.  Of course. And now that you’ve seen it, you’ll probably agree.

I love the dress.  All in one, lightweight, like having a tank and skirt in one.  Just throw on some running undies and you’re good to go!!

The Quad stretch pre run

Me past the half way mark running an 8 minute mile past my house. Thank you Ashlea for taking such great pictures!!

Tuesday Twelve 2-21-12

My 12.12 miler today went well. Seemed like there were a lot of interruptions. Traffic lights took forever, my phone going off, construction, not wanting to run up hills, cars that don’t pay attention, the wind kicking in and 25* temps….  But I PR’d.  9:08 minute miles average.  My last PR was 9:14.  Running is interesting.  Sometimes I feel like it’s going fantastic but in the end the time isn’t great.  Other times – like today – I felt like there were tons of interruptions but in the end the time was great.  You just never know.  I’d also like my half marathon time to be closer to my 10K time which is a minute per mile faster….


We all have different things that motivate.  I ask other runners what keeps them going.  Running is hard.  It’s worth it, but it’s hard.  Most of them say food and alcohol.  I don’t drink and I don’t love food so much that I run to eat.  My biggest motivators after vanity and shallowness are my kids.  I want to be a positive example to them.  I screw up, I raise my voice sometimes too often, I don’t do some things as much as I’d like but I do try to be a good role model.

Last weekend we all drove to Walmart to people watch get supplies.  I showed my kids my Tuesday morning route.  They know it’s 12 miles but what does that mean to a child?  I showed them the monster hill I run up.  At the 5K/10K this past Sunday all three of my kids that ran it told me when they hit the hills they thought of me.  “If Mom can do that other hill, I can do this”  “Mom runs a bigger hill than this one.  I can do it”  “I’ll push it like my Mom does”.  It wasn’t a PR course.  It’s a hard course.  But they not only finished it, they pushed it.  My daughter Olivia (15) passed three guys with their shirts off on the last hill.  Badass in training??!!  I think so.

So when I saw that hill this morning, I thought “They’re counting on me to do this”  “If they pushed it Sunday, I can push it today” “My kids know I can do this, so should I”.  And I PR’d.  They motivate me to be better than I am.  Running facilitates that.  What motivates you??

You’ve Gotta Be Crazy 5K/10K

Yup. Did the race today in Verdi, NV. Have done this one before and it’s a great race, difficult but with fantastic support.  Tomorrow is our anniversary so this was our anniversary run.  Since Chris is leaving town tomorrow for the week it was nice to have today to spend with the family.

Olivia (15), Alana (13) and Gabrielle (11) did the 5K:

Olivia: 32:17  She came in 3rd for her age division; Alana:  35:44  She came in 4th for her age division;  Gabi 40:28 she came in 2nd in her age division.  YAY THEM!!!!  They rocked the house.  All of them wanted to PR but this course isn’t a great PR run – too hilly.

Christian (hubby) and I ran the 10K.  We’re both 28 for the 13th time which you would think (using simple math) equals 41 years old.  Not so, my friend.  It quite obviously equals 28 for the 13th time.  End of story.  My kids are just catching up to me and then we’ll all be the same age.  Groovy.  (that didn’t age me exponentially!)

Christian:1 hr 51 sec. 9:48 min miles    ME:  54:10 avg. 8:43 min miles.  2nd in my age division.

A 4th grade fieldtrip & 5K Training

I had the privilege of going on my daughter, Kezia’s 4th grade field trip to the NV Children’s Museum.  It was completely hands on – how can you not love that – as well as interactive with teaching moments on electricity and defying gravity.  We packed a lunch, ate lunch there, rode the bus and played with everything.  It was a blast.  I’m so blessed to be able to do these things with my kids.

My kids 5K training is going really well. 3 of them are running a 5K this Sunday because they want to have one pre-Mother’s Day 5K.They gave up going to the Monster Truck Rally to do the 5K.  Seriously.  That’s big time.   We run every Thursday together and they get in 2 other times a week usually at the same time as I’m running but we run our own paces. It’s been so fun to see how much they’ve improved!!  Look for their race times for this coming Sunday!


Hump Day Hills….

4 miler today. Same hill route I always run. It was just my son and me today. Cold, a little windy, snow and ice still on the ground. I felt awesome and was kickin’ some serious butt when I looked behind me at Taylor and saw him fixing his shoe. So I went back to him. You know when a run starts out feeling epic and then one seemingly innocuous thing happens that changes it all??  Could be your Garmin battery dies, your playlist is way off, your headphone rubber bud is gone for no apparent reason, your shoes are tied too tightly, you feel a monster blister…..  Doesn’t matter what the reason is really.  There are runs I can push through no matter what happens.  I can roll with it.  And other times one thing is off and my entire run is in the crapper.  Such was Tay’s run today…….

Some dirt got in his shoe and was hurting him.  We got it out the second time but after that things just unraveled.  His body ached, the Valentines Day chocolate he ate pre-run felt like lead in his stomach, his head wasn’t in the game.  I stopped and waited for him several times, talked to him but some days it just doesn’t matter.  So I told him he could stop at our house (about half way through) and just be done.  We all have off days and it’s really no big deal.  Don’t get worked up aout it – tomorrow’s a new day.  Nope.  He wanted to finish it so I kept going and he took a shortcut that popped him out ahead of me.  Then he finished the last mile close behind me.  I averaged 9 minute miles, which considering how much I stopped with him was pretty good.  And he felt good that – even though he cut off some mileage, he finished.

Running is supposed to be fun and although at 41 I can push through and tell myself to suck it up, I’d never say that to one of my kids – especially in the initial stages of finding joy in the sport.  So what if we have an off day??  So what if a run sucks big time??  Tomorrow is indeed a new day

My daughter Kezia was at the bottom of the driveway cheering us on today

Taylor waiting for me near the turnaround. How many times have I wanted to just sit down and say "forget it"??? But he finished it!