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I’ve always loved yoga. I used to do tapes (yes, tapes as in pre-DVD!) when the kiddos were younger and I was a stay at home mommy. We also had a fantastic little yoga studio in town and for a while the kids and I all took classes there. At a previous job we had a private yoga instructor come once a week for an hour and that was fantastic. That ended over 3 years ago though and my mat has been collecting dust.

I’ve wanted to try Bikram Yoga (check out the website here) for a couple years now (let’s not rush into these things!) Last night was THE night. 105* and 30% humidity in the room (even for someone like me who’s always cold, I knew that would be dang hot). Required for each student to bring: Yoga mat, towel, water and as little clothing as possible. Check! The class is 90 minutes which I thought would be far too long but it flew by.

I’ve wanted to get back to my Yoga roots to add more stretching to my lifes diet.  I love to run and that’s my main gig, however I also crave a little balance.  For example, I’m not planning on doing Bikram’s 30 or 60 day challenge to take a class a day.  Not even close.  I was thinking once a week if I can afford it.  I also purchased a kettle bell and have a quick routine with it that I’d like to incorporate a couple times a week for a little brush up on strength training.  I’ve looked in to ballet classes once a week (have one I’d like – I’m waiting for it to start) and one of my best friends who is a MMA trainer is moving back to Reno (YAY!) and I already know I’ll take one of her classes per week.  There are only so many hours in the week and dollars in my bank account.

At Bikram I purchased “20 days for $20.  Part of me wants to utilize this as much as possible however the sane rational part of me knows I’m a creature of habit and I should use the pass like I normally would over time.  So that’s the plan.  If possible I’d go once a week so that’s what I’m shooting for.

I learned a few things last night.  I like the heat.  I’m not as flexible as I once was.  Everyone has moments of lost concentration – even those that were really, really good.  It felt amazing to stretch my muscles out.  I’m glad I took their advice and didn’t eat 3 hours prior.  I love water.  A frozen washcloth actually feels good.  I could get my flexibility back and advance the poses in the not so distant future with one class per week.

It was fun.  I like trying new things or in this case, an old friend with a new twist.  My run today (post tomorrow) felt great.  Nothing was tight.  And after all that heat and stretching, I slept like a baby….

Motivational Monday

I don’t have a gym membership because honestly I wouldn’t use it often enough to ever justify having one. I used to go but I feel cooped up inside. I have enough weight stuff at home to maintain. I don’t have a treadmill at the house although that’s something I’d like to have for those days that are so bad I absolutely can’t get out. Or to hang with the family and watch a movie while running. For the most part I just want to be outside, breathing in the air, spreading my wings….

Oh, yeah baby!! This is what it looked like last Tuesday for my 12 mile run

Team Gab Virtual 10K


Today was January’s race. I’m attempting to do at least one race per month for the year.  There are a couple months with nothing so we’ll see how that one turns out.  Anywho, today I ran a 10K.

Check out the race here.  Gabby is 5 years old and has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Her Mom, Heather does fundraising for Team Gab.  Chris and I (a little choked up) signed up for the 10K without a moments hesitation.

I felt like I wasn't doing enough, but tried to remember that if a lot of people each do a little, it makes a big difference

I wore my Incredibles T-shirt today and printed off race bibs.  I guess I wanted to feel like a superhero for Gabby today but honestly, she’s my hero.  I don’t have a surgically implanted port, I don’t have a year out of 2 1/2 years of chemotherapy under my belt, I didn’t lose my hair, I don’t spend my time – my childhood – in a hospital.  She is my hero.

Her race bib must have given us wings because we both PR’d.  Chris shaved over 2 minutes off his last PR and averaged 9:42 per mile.  My last PR was 8:41 per mile and today I ran 8:22 minute miles.  When I finished and saw my time, I started to cry.  This touched me so much more than I imagined.

When running you get a myriad of responses.  People look at you like you’re crazy, or they appear confused.  Fellow runners, bikers, etc.. sometimes smile, wave, say hello.  They GET what we’re doing out there.  But the one’s that get it the most are children.  They have an exuberant love of life and play.  They run because it feels good, because they enjoy themselves.  Sometimes as we get older we forget that childlike love of life but when I run, it’s the children that smile the biggest, wave the most, skip beside me.  That’s why I ran today.  For this child that deserves to get out there and run.


Obsessive Compulsive

My house used to be spotless. Every drawer and closet was meticulously organized. You could eat off my toilet if you wanted although I hope you wouldn’t because then we couldn’t be friends…. I brought a lot of my clothes to the dry cleaner because they press them and I HATE to iron… Then I had kids.

8 out of 13 of them

I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone elses.  But I had to let some things go and I had to get really good at some things.  We have a chore wheel.  Plus everyone has one trash to empty and one bathroom chore.  The girls and boys each have their own bathroom and I “oversee” them.  Other rules are picking up after yourself and picking up the bedrooms.  THIS is where I’ve had to let things go….

Refrigerator. Chore wheel and Trash/Bathroom list. Yes. It's laminated. I'm a freak

I want the kids to do their best knowing that’s not the same as my best.  I usually help them out with chores and picking up (because it’s more fun to do it together and then it gets done) and I know that there’s a good possibility I’ll have to do some follow up.  I don’t do this in front of them or in a belittling way.  I’d be an idiot if I expected a 9 year old to clean something the way I do.  Plus the chore wheel isn’t to get things spotless, it’s to teach the kids skills they will use when they’re on their own.  From the actual chore to skills like working as a team, sharing responsibility, having priorities, taking care of items, etc…  So, my house is no longer spotless.  I’d have no life with my family and no time to run if I kept it up the way I used to.  So I let it go.  This is still hard for me since I love order.  It’s one thing I can control.  My husband has taught me that it will be there waiting for me so sometimes I’ll hike the dogs first or watch a TV show.  Other times I absolutely can’t relax until things get done.  But I at least attempt to be balanced.

I’ve been asked with such a large family how we afford nice clothes, shoes, etc…  Couple ways.  Ebay, Amazon and Craigslist help with that.  I’m never too prideful to accept donations from friends of clothes, etc…  We hit second hand stores first to find things and I almost never buy anything that isn’t on sale.  I feel better recycling items than buying new.  Big 5 is where most running shoes are purchased.  I don’t take all the kids at once to do clothes and shoe shopping because that would be a hefty bill.  I try to rotate who needs what and get things as they come up so it’s not so overwhelming.

It’s not a punishment for the kids to get rid of things.  Sometimes they have too much (stuffed animals???!!!), they’ve outgrown the age appropriateness or it’s just time to move it on.  Every September I participate in Haircuts for the Homeless at a local park.  The kids and I go through all the clothes and toys and bring them so less fortunate families can get things for free.  The kids spend the day with me shile I’m cutting hair and will see a doll or toy they donated light up the face of another child.  SO worth it.

Kezias style is quite unique

Something else I had to let go.  My kids dressing themselves.  I thought it would be great to have a pin that says, “I dressed myself today” so people didn’t think I was an idiot.  One rule I have is “If it isn’t physically or morally harmful, let it go.”  If it’s not harming the child but it bugs me that’s my problem.  I own it and move on.

I’ve gotten good at finding good deals, waiting for things I want.  Prioritizing.  Sifting through second hand stores and recycling.  This week I attacked my own closet and dressers.  Rule of thumb is Spring and Fall I go through all shoes, clothes and toys.  Once a year I reorganize the kitchen and miscellaneous closets, laundry room, etc…  I’ll get things given to me that I like but maybe don’t look great on.  Having kids the same size as I am means we pass things back and forth.  I love putting together outfits, love looking my best, love fashion.  After a while things just accumulate.  So I purged.  The kids were right there with me checking out what I was getting rid of to see if it was anything they wanted.  Some things I let them keep, a lot I didn’t.  Don’t keep it just to keep it.  If you’re not using it, you’re a pack rat.  Have fewer items that are better quality and used regularly.  I got rid of five 13 gallon bags from my bedroom.  Since the purge, I’ve gone back a few times and picked out an item here and there to add to the pile.  Then I make a list of things I don’t have that I’d like (none right now! Yay!) because some things just wear out.

The give away pile.

Now, since it’s Saturday and I’m done on the computer I’m going to start cleaning up the house.

11 Things

I have been tagged… 🙂

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  1. I didn’t start out thinking 13 kids would be a great number, but I’m glad. Can’t imagine life without any one of them and oddly enough, I would have probably had a couple more. Yikes!!
  2. I hate coconut
  3. I love to find good deals on things. I could shop as a job….
  4. Went through infertility to get pregnant. Funny since I ended up pregnant 7 times
  5. If I don’t write things down I can guarantee I won’t remember. More than 3 things at the store – I’d better have a list
  6. I have 3 tattoos and I’d get another one
  7. Getting my feet rubbed or softly touched feels amazing
  8. My most proud accomplishment is being a mom.
  9. I breastfed for 11 years. Not cumulatively but 11 years is a long time to not tuck a shirt in
  10. I love how it feels to stretch
  11. I have a dresser for running clothes, a dresser for purses and I own probably about 150 pairs of shoes


1. What is your worst habit?  I pee in the shower but I don’t see that as a bad thing…..
2. What is your favorite race distance?  Half Marathon because it’s comfortable for me now.
3. What music is on your iPod that you don’t want anyone to know about? The more the song swears and is perfect for a stripper, the more I like it
4. What is your favorite season and why? Summer.  I’m always cold.  I love heat
5. If you had $2000 and had to spend it on yourself in 8 hours; how would you spend it?  Paying for a trip with my family to go see my sister in Arizona
6. Name one thing that freaks you out.  Having my belly button touched
7. If you graduated from college were/are using your major? Not what I went to school for the first time – didn’t finish, but yes the second thing
8. If you could pick any job on Earth, what would that be.  Writing.  But getting paid big bucks for it
9. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?  7
10. What’s a fond childhood memory?  Having my little sister by my side
11. Are you going to watch the Super Bowl?  Probably.  I usually don’t care about sports until it’s the best of the best


1. What are you afraid of?

2. Where would you most like to visit?

3. What can you not live without running wise?

4. What is a dream of yours that few people know about?

5. What is a guilty pleasure?

6. What is something that irritates you?

7. What makes you giggle?

8. How did you meet your husband/boyfriend?

9. Do you have a bad habit?

10. Favorite food?

11. What did you do before running?


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A client asked me what I did this week. “Ran 5 miles Sunday, 12 miles Tuesday, 4 miles Wednesday”. “WHY??!! Was someone chasing you? Why would you DO that?!” Obviously this person has no passion for running. No one was chasing me – I was doing the chasing!!! Ha Ha!!

I posted reasons why I run in an earlier post but geez, I could go on and on….  What motivates YOU to run??  I ask this question to everyone I run with.  Majority answers are food related which isn’t top on my list but I get it.  Or alcohol related and since I don’t drink that’s not on my list either.  I run for me.

Wednesday 4 mile hill run

D (my BRF) and I do a 4 mile hill run every Wednesday. It’s a little tough but I love the sense of accomplishment I get every time we do it. I also like to see how much we’re improving on it. My husband and one of my boys also run it and we usually have various kids riding bikes.  Today D wanted to slow the pace a bit and not stop on any of the hills.  Which we accomplished!!  Now to do it faster….

Today’s weather was a little windy but 50* so I put on a long sleeved shirt with my AWESOME “Shut Up & Run” T-shirt on top.  I got my shirt from Beth at SUAR.  It made me feel sassy and strong.  And almost like we had warm-ish weather. I also sported my hot pink Sparkly Soul headband.  More sass…

My son, Taylor has been very consistently running and is now up to 5 miles.  In one of my last posts I blogged about him getting new running shoes.  He got to use them today for the first time.  And he beat me today for the first time.  I could say that my pace with D is slower than when I’m alone which is true and because of that Tay wouldn’t have beat me.  But he did.  Watching him was amazing.  Kids have an easier time running because they don’t THINK about it constantly.  It also showed me how mental running is.  He felt that with new running shoes he’d do better and he did.  Huh.  Maybe I should learn something here…..

Tuesday Twelve 1-24-2012

My daughter, Olivia noticed yesterday that it was 1-2-3-1-2. Groovy.

This morning I woke up and called the airport for temperature BEFORE getting ready to run (making real progress here!). Winds: calm, Temp: 25* SWEET!!! What’s sad here is that I’m actually excited about 25* weather… Weird. But compared to the 8*, 10* and 12* I’ve run in quite a bit this winter or the 25 mph winds this actually sounded quite delightful.  Now the only issue was the ice and snow on the roads.  Yes, Reno finally got some which is great, but after being poorly plowed and sitting for two days getting warmed and refrozen, I was expecting treachery.  Makes the run more exciting that way….  Just sayin’.  Even with the ice and snow I did my 12 miles with an average of 9:28 minute miles.  I stopped a lot to take pictures – it really was beautiful.

Are we there yet??!!

To travel is better than to arrive

It’s the journey, not the destination

Live in the moment

Until I ran my first race running was either an addition to other exercise or training.  Until I finished that first race years ago, I didn’t appreciate the training.  I did it because I was supposed to.  Now I enjoy my training runs because I know at some point in time it will bring me to another race.

The best advice I got when I was pregnant the first time was to never wish anything away.  “I can’t wait until she sits up, rolls over, walks, says those first words…”  Just be in the moment because all too soon those moments will be long gone.  I took that advice to heart in all areas of my life and still it’s gone by so quickly, but I have to say, I enjoyed the journey.  That first child is now getting ready to turn 20, the youngest one is 9 and it’s been quite a ride.

I have a lot of “I want to” races to try to get to this year.  I’m excited about all of them for different reasons.  My training is going well and although I have goals and mile markers, I’m still clinging to not wishing away what I’m doing now. I know those dates that seem so distant in the future will be upon me and over before I know it.  So here’s to setting the goals and embracing today!!

Lazy Sunday

I so love lazy Sundays. When we sleep late, the kids come out to the living room warm and groggy to snuggle while they wake up. It’s so delicious. At 11:30 we’re all still in pj’s hanging out together playing PS3.

There was a adamant, almost rude, demanding and obnoxious request for dark chocolate chip pancakes this morning.  With cut up strawberries on top.  Well, uh, yeah….  How can I say no to that??!!

Olivia and Kezia on strawberry duty

Taylor and Me making pancakesTay made a smiley face!! So proud!

6 of the kids chowin down

Then Chris, Taylor and I went for a 5 mile run.  Taylor hasn’t ever run more than 4 miles but he’s been really consistent so I figured he’d run with Chris at a slightly slower pace and I’d make like a bird and fly.  What actually happened is Tay and I ran together and after 4 miles when he hit “the furthest I’ve ever run before” I took a picture and did my last mile fast.

Man that kid makes me laugh.  Tay, “Dude, Mom, is it hot out here or is it just me?”  Me, “It’s you, dude”.  Tay, “Good, I was hoping you didn’t say it was you.”  Ha ha.  Very funny.

Tay, “Dude, Mom.  Blast from the past.  Why does your butt jiggle when you run?”  Me, “Because of you kids, Tay”.  He asked me that a few years ago when he was riding his bike while I ran.  Even today, he could get punched for asking me that….  Just sayin’.

Tay, “Dude, Mom.  It’s like I”m not even breathing hard at all”  Me, “That’s probably because you’re not pushing yourself”  Tay, “So if I ran to my potential, I’d be faster than you.”  Me, “Something like that.  But probably not”.  We laughed nearly the entire run.

He had issues with the leg sleeves I gave him.  They were slipping down.  So he sat on a bench and I pulled them off and I tied them on my hydration belt.  He said “you’re welcome.  Now you have wings on your belt.”  Seriously

Taylor at the 4 mile mark. From here on out, he's running further than he's ever run before. I love that feeling!!

Taylor, Chris and me post 5 miles

I decided since Tay has been consistently running so much, we needed to get him new shoes.  So a few of the kids and I went to the store.  They were a BIG help.  He tried a couple on after we measured his quickly getting bigger feet.  Fourth ones were the charm!!  Then found out they were on monster sale for $20 so OF COURSE I sprung $2 for red sport laces…

Sizing his mega foot

You know the drill... Try, try again and when it's right, you'll know it

I heart these Under Armour shoes. Maybe another day....

Checking them out

These are the ones! Nirvana!!!

This is the look I get when I find out they're on sale for $20