Virtual 10K

Today I ran the Christmas Virtual 10K!! I was very excited to run knowing other people were running “with” me. Sometime within a 3 day period, others would be doing exactly what I was doing.

Due to family logistics, we celebrated Christmas this morning.  It was wonderful like you’d expect.  We made a huge breakfast, hung out in pj’s and the kids played with their new stuff.  Then at around one I started getting the kids bikes out and ready.

Expression is priceless!!  Making Christmas breakfast.  Bacon, eggs and French Toast

Alana made me a headband for the race

My outfit!!

When Taylor was ready he said we were TWINSIES in matching outfits so we struck a pose!!

Me getting all the bikes ready

Isn’t that what everyone does on Christmas??  It was about 45* and sunny.  8 of my kids, my husband Chris and my mother in law Donna caravaned to a nearby park where you can pick up the bike path here in Reno.  For my virtual 10K naturally.

My support crew!! Chris, Donna and 8 of our kids!!

One of the great things about coming here - the porta potties!!! Only a runner....

Gabrielle, Chris and ME

Chris ran 5 miles and five kids biked. One with him, 4 with me.  My son Taylor crewed me so I didn’t carry water, my daughter Alana took over camera duty.  Nicolas biked in his own world and Gabrielle was my running commentary.  It was beautiful and I love having the kids with me when I run.  Donna walked and played in the park with the other 3 kids.

I PR’d on my 10K!  Averaged 8:43 minute miles!!!  (My last PR was 8:51) Yay!  My Christmas running “outfit”was superb and other people smiled and talked about it when I was running by.  We hollered “Merry Christmas” to everyone we saw.



To all of you, may you have a merry Christmas and PR!!

My time!

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