Being Thankful

We had planned to have Thanksgiving at our house. The last 3 years we traveled and although it was wonderful in it’s own way, I was excited about being home. Having family and friends here with us. The menu was planned and I was ready for the intense shopping trip. We were expecting about 30 people but when you figure Chris and I have ten kids still here that number doesn’t seem so big. A week before Thanksgiving, my brother in law who was dearly loved, died in a private plane crash. We loaded up kids and they drove with their dad (my ex) to Wyoming for the service held the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. With a 13 hour drive, he stayed the week to be with family. I was here at home with a four day weekend, no kids, no Thanksgiving. I worked an extra day, did the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning (I PR’d at least!) and even braved a little black Friday shopping. It was lonely.  And a little sad.  Not just because I lost someone I loved and respected,  but also because he died on the 9 and 6th anniversary of my father and step mom.

My kids bribed me into having Thanksgiving a week late which we’re now doing. But I have to admit, it just feels different. Good, but different. I re-invited everyone and no one seems sad to celebrate a second time around.  After an emotional week, I found a lot of reasons to be thankful.  I have fantastic kids that are healthy and happy.  I have a home I love and a husband that’s my best friend.  I have a career that’s fun.  I’m healthy.  I’m a runner.  In the end, we had a great time with over 20 people.  Everything went off without a hitch and the kids kept telling me over and over how glad they were we had our late Thanksgiving.  They thanked me.  They didn’t realize it was me who was thankful for them pushing me to celebrate late when it would have been easier to let it pass us by.

Things don’t always go as planned, but then again, I don’t have the blueprint!!

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