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Sticky Notes and Lists

Post-It Note Art Collage (PINAP)

Image by Adrian Wallett via Flickr

I love sticky notes and lists. Sticky notes and lists help me to not forget – if there’s more than 3 things on that grocery list I can guarantee I’ll forget. I could be frustrated by this fact, however I just chalk it up to who I am and make the darned list. I’m always going in a million directions at once and it’s just not worth it to stress about something so, well, fixable.

They also keep me accountable.  I know I need to do something or get something if it’s written down.  It’s more concrete.  Not to mention I get an amazing feeling of accomplishment by crossing things off my list.  Yes, I’m the person that, if I do something not on the list I write it down just so I can cross it out.  I like to see my progress.  How much I’ve completed.  Since I’m compulsively organized making lists and having sticky notes meets a sometimes overwhelming desire to have control over something in my life.  It just feels good.

So it’s odd in running, I don’t have much in the way of lists.  I take that back.  I have a list of blog ideas.  I have a wish list of running items I’d like.  I have a list of outfit ideas. Web sites to go to.   I carry a leather bound book with me everywhere to take notes in just for these reasons.  To most people it would probably look like a messy, disorganized bunch of nonsense,  but to me it’s invaluable information that’s all in the right spot.  I print off races I’d like to do and put them in chronological order  attached to my fridge.  I look at it often trying to figure out what the kids plans are that weekend, if I can afford the race and travel, etc…  Some I do, lots I can’t but they’re good goals.  I keep myself at a 12 mile long run every week so I’m race ready at any given moment for a half marathon.  I also have a calendar on the fridge with all school activities, appointments, etc…  and I do sharpie in my mileage on the day I do it.  I’ve never had mileage goals though.  I read so many other bloggers talk about weekly, monthly and annual mileage goals and I’ve never had a desire.  I run 4 times a week  with one longer one in there but I don’t add up my weekly mileage.  Even though I think it’s a great idea I just haven’t gotten past the idea phase.  How is it possible I’ve missed an opportunity to make a list??!!!  The sticky note possibilities are endless!!!  More goals??  More crossing off accomplishments??  An artificial semblance of control??  Huh…   I might need to get a new set of notepads for just this reason….

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Tuesday Ten 11-29-11

Usually I wake up right before my alarm. Not today. Today I was floating in a blissful dream. Dreaming of dating a really hot, really sexy, much younger doctor… Sorry, husband laying next to me…. Dr Dreamy is my new man!! Not only was I apparently unhitched and a ravishing cougar, Doc and I went out and when I got carded, the guy called security and said my license was wrong because I couldn’t possibly have been born in 1970. I looked too young. Hello denial of my upcoming 41st birthday!!! I dragged myself away from my happy place of the dream, out of bed and was brushing my teeth when I heard this horrible noise. I turned off the water and realized… Chris was snoring. Yup. Through water running, a closed door and a noise machine I heard it.  I wouldn’t say he snores like a freight train, more like freight trains pull a Chris when they need to be worked on…. I seriously don’t know how that sound comes out of that man or how I ever possibly sleep through it!!   Again, welcome back reality.  As I cling to the shreds of my cougar dream I start ripping a series of pre-poop morning gas that rivals a rugby teams locker room in smell….  I couldn’t help but giggle.  “Come back Dr Dreamy!!  It was the dog!”  “I’ll catch up in just a minute!!  I need to take my calcium for bones and zinc magnesium to regulate my hot flashes!!”  Wow.  Nothing like a hard dose of the real world to wake you up in the morning!!

My run to work is 8 miles so I’ve been adding on to get a nice 12 mile run to work.  I’ve been experimenting with my 4 mile loop down a few roads – 2 miles out, 2 miles back, finish normal run – and today decided to go right.  My mind seemed to believe that the hill on McCarran when turning right would be no big deal.  It is a FREAKING SKI SLOPE!!!  Ah, yes…  It was torture.  I walked twice, cursed often, questioned my sanity.  OK, I admit to sanity having been gone for a long time now.  Running is what actually keeps me a little MORE sane.

I decided that I should never do the hill run again.  Go a different direction.  So I mentioned this to my favorite running buddy, Eric.  This was our conversation:

  • Jennifer   I add 4 miles to my 8 mile work run. I’ve been trying a few different directions (2 miles out and 2 miles back) to get up to 12. Today the route I chose was a freaking ski slope!! I was missing you desperately!!!

  • Eric   I love choosing the most difficult route myself. It’s a challenge. You get a totally different sense of accomplishment doing so. So you keep it up, girl. You impress me more and more each day. ‘Course if you weren’t a threat to me before, you certainly are now. I am going to have to step up my game. peace!

  • Jennifer  Oh, I KNEW you’d pick the hard way!!! I’m trying to convince myself to continue this route until it’s conquered!! But it sucked! My overall time was pretty good considering I was slow and stopped twice. And I have runners knee so I”m trying to figure out how to deal with this new lovely issue…. Yes, accomplishment…. Did I mention it sucked until it was over??
  • Eric  Yes….by all means….CONQUER IT! Because I KNOW you can do it. Your hard work and perserverance will pay off. Then again, if you don’t, then I may not have to work so hard trying to keep up with you when I come to visit. But I have a feeling you won’t let me get by so easy.

  • Jennifer   I think you just used reversed psychology on me. It worked. I’m keeping the hill. It’s on!! Still very tentatively planning on NYC marathon next November. Talked to Chris about it… Will keep fingers crossed.

Thank goodness for awesome friends that keep you motivated!!  I will continue the climb even though I already have a love/hate relationship with it.   And as for Dr Dreamy all I can say is that I can run further than you!

MOM, RUNNER, WIFE, WOMAN, HAIRDRESSER. Not necessarily in that order!!

I recently read an article about how many facets of personality we have. Truly, our worlds at times collide leaving in their wake confusion.  A feeling of being with someone out of context so to speak.  One time I ran into a girlfriend and acted like my woman self.  My then 12 year old daughter later yelled at me “It’s like you’re not even my Mom!” because, up to that point, my being her mom was the only facet of my personality she was familiar with.  I’ve run into clients from the shop at races and, although they know I’m a runner, they usually say, “Hey!  What are you doing here?!”  Uh, not cutting  your hair, that’s for sure!!

First I was a daughter and a sister.  Being a sister is one of my favorite selves because my sister and I are so incredibly close, she is the most amazing person and I love her so much.

Kim my sister, my mom and me!

I am also a wife and a mommy.  Those two selves probably jockey the most for attention.  One isn’t more important than the other, however it depends on who needs what, what’s going on, etc…  The fact that I have 13 children to “follow” and keep up with makes the task that much more difficult.  I love this facet of who I am.  It has been the most defining but my other selves often get put on the back burner to meet the demands of these two.  It’s hard to balance.

Chris and me - the wife

Chris and me with 9 of the kids at an icecream shop

I’m also “Nana” to my 6 and 3 year old granddaughters.  SO much fun!!  Holy cow, we should have gotten to do this first to segway into parenting!!  They are a joy in my life.  Little responsibility and so much reward!!


Me, sweaty after a run at the park with Brooklyn and Alana having Nana time!!

Yet another facet of personality is the hairdresser.  Unfortunately, I have to bring home some bacon!!  I’m not sure how, since I know I signed up for the independently wealthy plan, but it hasn’t happened….  I love the shop, helping people look and feel better, being counselor, surrogate mom, friend, etc…  This is one area of life that my woman self roars!!

Me at the shop!!

The runner facet of my self is the one I try not to put on the back burner, but sometimes that’s where she’s perched.   She needs to be out there running it to bring together all other facets of self.  Running has made me better in all areas of my life.  It gives me time to reflect,  shake things off, collect myself, decompress, get “right” and comfortable in my own skin again – ready to tackle all other facets of my life.  When people wonder how I find the time, I think;  how do I not find the time??  I NEED it.  I still bake the kids cakes for birthdays, make them all pj’s every Christmas, sew, cook, work, clean, support my husband, am a sister and friend, do the shopping, attend parent/teacher conferences, walk the dogs, etc…  but I do them better when I’m running.  I feel more myself after a good run than any other time.  Being a runner is the glue for my selves.

Running along the ocean in Ft Bragg, CA at my mother in laws house. I love to be here.

In all my selves is the woman.  Sometimes tamped down, edited, downplayed.  Sometimes overwhelmed and frazzled.  Usually happy and outgoing, always wanting to hug.  She is there peeking out not entirely in her full glory but there none the less.  She is what makes up every facet of my life, but she is most happy when she’s running it!!

You Know You’re A Runner If….

I looked online for all of these. I just needed to spend some time decompressing and laughing…

…your toenails are black so you purchase black nail polish.
…your shoes have more miles on them than your car does.
…people say, “You run three miles…at once?” and it was a “short” day
…all your socks are either stained or torn.
…you can spit while running.
…you go to a golf course to run.
…your friends go on the elevator and you beat them on the stairs.
…you finish the race looking like you wrestled a bear and you don’t care.
…you’d rather run to school/work than drive.
…you combine phrases like “10 mile run” and “Easy Run” in the same breath.
…you can eat your weight in spaghetti.
…the paint from the bathroom walls peels when you leave.
…you start the race in shorts and finish in a G-string.
…your spit strings from you chin and you don’t even care.
…you schedule dates around races.
…your christmas list includes more than one pair of running shoes.
…you feel lost without your water-bottle.
…you start to crave Power Bars.
…your favorite food group is carbohydrates.
…you can strip and change in a bus seat in less than 2 minutes.
…you own spandex in more than 1 color.
…track is the other “sport”.
…your watch is more expensive and complicated than your car.
..Runner’s World provides more pin-ups than Playboy.
…you think spandex is a winter fashion statement.
…you find yourself saying, “it’s not really a hill…”
…you hit targets with your snot rocket.
…your feet are comparable to rawhide.
…you’re running and you don’t know why.
…you see a hill on a putting green.
…your spit hits everything but the ground.
…you drink more water than Free Willy
…theres nothing like intervals to start the week off fresh!!
…you’d rather run than watch T.V.
…watching the New York Marathon on T.V. made you get up and go for a run
…there are more miles on your running shoes than the odeometer of your car
…you’re toe nails have fallen off
…you refer to puke as a normal bodily function.

Ibuprofen is your recreational drug of choice.
You know the distance to and from work/the gym/the local taqueria down to the closest 100 yards.
Talking about the color of your pee comes as natural as talking about the weather.
You have no qualms about taking a Sharpee and writing all over a brand new pair of $80 shoes.
You have no qualms about throwing out those same shoes only a month after buying them.
You know how many grams of carbs there are in a banana.
You wash your shorts in the shower.
You look into the toilet before a big race to inspect the size of the log you just dropped.

..You get a bug in your eye and keep going so you don’t ruin your pace.
You’ve ever been sunburned from a long run.
You think compression wraps are functional clothing…and stylish.
ou bought toe socks because they are functional during runs.
You’re following 50% runners to everyone else on Twitter.
You have a separate laundry basket just for running clothes.
You’d rather spend your weekend crammed in a van with six other people running a Ragnar Relay.
Just talking about Google Maps makes you have to go to the bathroom.
You have race sneakers, training sneakers, other training sneakers… and the ones for mowing the lawn.
Instead of going to bed at a decent hour, you log onto Twitter to see if running is a trending topic.
You’ve ever run until your nipples bleed (it really hurts!).
Instead of just being content finishing a run, you rush home and furiously blog about every mile.
You’ve ever been caught stretching your hamstrings while waiting for the train to come.
You own more pairs of running shoes than heels, clogs, boots, or sandals…combined.
You’ve ever had a foot or ankle injury that you thought might be a break, but decided it’s not bad enough to make you miss your run.
You spend commercial breaks as a chance to use your foam roller.
You think it’s great to involve your kids in your LSD habit, and all of your runner friends agree
You have more race T-shirts than a souvenir shop.

…You know what PR means

Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day!!!

Me in the porta potty line!! The woman behind me was nice enough to take a picture (as if I gave her a choice!!)

The Scheels 13th annual Turkey Trot was this morning. 10K race, really well marked with fantastic volunteers and an overall super course. Not a tough one, but a really good one.  Temps were hovering around 40* and the wind was holding off.  It was beautiful out.  No need for a hat and gloves were off within the first few miles.  Just perfect!!

I usually run around 9:30 minute miles. I’m not fast, but I like to believe I have some amount of endurance and I’m blessed to be consistent.  I used to bolt out of the gate and then lose steam but with training, now I maintain without checking my watch.  Don’t get me wrong – I do check my watch if I feel a little slow just to maintain accountability and because I paid enough for it!!

Today I ran the 10K (6.2 miles) in 54:56 averaging 8:51 minute miles!!! HOLY CRAP!! For me that’s speedy! I was #339 out of a total 1057 runners. I was #123 out of 620 women runners. I’m used to being right in the middle of the pack but for some reason today, I did better than usual. I PR’d today which is always an awesome feeling.  Usually I’m right around 58 minutes.  Maybe it WAS the skirt!!

Races help me check how my training is going (I’m pretty pleased right now about how I’ve been pushing myself), it infuses me with wonderful, positive energy, adrenaline and a feeling of camaraderie even though I showed up alone and only saw a couple people I know.  Post race everyone talks, congratulates and pretty much feels the love!!   Now I’m reminiscent of an addict looking for the next fix!  I don’t think there’s a half marathon within 50 miles until April and I may have melt down by then!!  I’m wondering where there is one, how far and how I can swing getting there.  No matter what, races keep me motivated to keep plugging through with training.  Just around the corner awaits the next one…..

Supplements and running

I recently reread a section of “Run Like A Mother” about running and supplementation. The girls said they like the Nuun electrolyte tablets and would rather eat their carbohydrates than drink them via a sports drink. Nuun is strictly electrolytes with no carbs, sugar, etc…   Our bodies lose electrolytes when we sweat (or when we’re sick which is why I always give an electrolyte drink to my kids when they’re sick).   When running, if we provide our bodies with electrolytes to replace what we’ve lost via sweating, we shouldn’t have difficulties with abdominal and/or muscle cramping as electrolytes assist in muscle contractions.  Sodium and potassium are what is predominantly lost.

HOWEVER, I’m lazy!!  On runs from 7-14 miles I’d rather drink my calories and carbs and eat solid food when I’m done running. It’s easy. Easier than carrying the Nuun to drink and then have to deal with a package of gel, beans or gummy’s to get additional sugar  and carbs. After 14 miles  I prefer either leaving a box at a specific point or ideally being crewed by (hopefully) my 19 year old daughter (who is bomb at crewing me!).   I want to eat something more solid like a quarter of a peanut butter sandwich, some pretzels and a cutie orange, a dark chocolate Lindt ball and some watermelon, a couple swigs of hot coffee.  I want something small and easy on the stomach but somewhat substantial.  When mileage is higher than 14 miles, sports drinks just don’t cut it for me but for the first 14 miles I’m lazy.  I’m drinking it.  Geez, it’s easy, it’s brainless and if I get up higher in miles, that peanut butter sandwich starts tasting 5 star!   When logging  miles from 7-14, I try to maintain sodium, sugar, carbs which I feel is much easier than catching up after you’ve hit a wall. Less than 7 miles water is fine and eating post run is yummier.

After a run – even a shorter one – the Nuun tablets are fantastic.  No additional sugar or carbs (because, really, I would rather eat!!).  It helps in  replacing what I’ve lost, helping with muscle recovery.  Along with bananas, yogurt, chicken noodle soup, etc.. it’s a great way to increase water intake with a kick!!  Again, as with trying anything you eat or drink on a run or just after – try and try again.

Tuesday Ten 11/22/11

11.6 miles today with an average of 9:40 minute miles. It was a good run today.  Enjoyable.  Not to say when I woke up ten minutes before my alarm went off  (like I always do!) I was psyched and ready to roll!!  I almost always turn off my alarm and lay there trying to convince myself of all the reasons I should be getting up and ready and not remain curled up in the fetal position.  Not that my blog following is enormous, but I do feel an obligation to make sure I push myself when I don’t always want to so I can write about it.  Also, I like that I don’t have to be anal about my diet because I’m burning calories.  That doesn’t mean I relax with my diet, but I don’t have to be stressed either.  I like the way my body feels when I run, love the feeling of accomplishment when I’m done.  I love watching the sun rise, running with the morning commuters – knowing they’re driving to work as I’m running there.  I like talking to my clients about my runs – many who ask me regularly how my running is going, how much mileage, what my time is, what races I’ve done since I last saw them.  Even more I enjoy seeing clients at races.  I love the sweat, snot and spit that goes with a good, hard run.  I love that my mileage is way higher than my husbands (Come on!  It’s the only thing I beat him at!!).  So, I get out of bed when sometimes I’d rather stay in it.  Because I know, in the end, no matter how fantastic my time is, it’ll be worth it.

My reinvention (having nothing to do with running)

In April, 2008 I was unhappily working as a dental assistant when I picked up More Magazine in a doctors office. I read an article called “Real-Life Reinventions” by Virginia Sole-Smith about Pamela Mitchell’s story. It illustrated her personal reinvention and the launch of her business: Reinvention Institute. I was so intrigued by the possibility of reinvention that I tore the article out of the magazine (something that is usually a personal pet peeve) to bring it home and further investigate.

My ex-husband is a dentist and when we married in 1995 we decided I would discontinue my college education in order to fully support him in our newly opened dental practice. This enabled me to work with him in the practice on a limited basis while staying home with our growing family. I have never once regretted that decision. Those years home with my children supporting him were rich and wonderful.

In 2005, as my marriage came to an end also came the realization that with 10 years under my belt of supporting a dental practice, holding various volunteer positions and raising (10) children, I had a lot of skills that essentially amounted to nothing. I had accumulated classes but held no degree, I had no direction. I had just relocated to Reno, NV from Alaska. I knew no one, had 8 children at home, my (almost ex) husband was in prison for an IRS issue and I had to figure out how to support us. For a year I held three jobs – none of which payed well – just to keep us afloat. Then a job as a dental assistant became available and I jumped at the chance. I enjoyed being back in the dental field and adored the dentist I was working for. It payed just enough to quit everything else and my schedule was finally bearable.

After a few years, however, my relationship with the dentist wasn’t as strong, with economy changes and staff reduction my job became a chore. I realized that although being in a dental office was familiar, I was living someone else’s dream. The problem was, I didn’t know what my dream was anymore. I had committed my life to my family and somehow had lost a sense of who I was. The woman. Where the hell was she? Where had she gone?

That’s when I stumbled upon the article. I kept it for 14 months after finding it in the hopes my job would improve. Finally in June 2009 I went to Pamela’s website, signed up for her “boot camp” program and got busy. At the end of boot camp I cashed in on Pamela’s offer for a half hour phone call with her. It was enlightening. Empowering. Exceptional. I had direction again. I could feel the woman resurfacing to reinsert herself into my life. I felt excited again.

Over several months I researched several possible career paths within my parameters. I wasn’t rushing into this reinvention thing. After 8 months, I stumbled upon being a hairdresser. I balked. It fit every parameter, everything I wanted but I had a stereotype. These were the girls that got pregnant in high school or were doing drugs. I know. Horrible. I even have several friends that are hairdressers who do not fit my stereotype, but still there is was, staring back at me in the mirror. I talked with two of my great friends who are in the profession, then sprung it on my husband (oh, yes, I remarried amongst all this chaos!). All of them said the same thing: Best idea I’ve had. So I embarked on the journey. I chose a school, got financial aid information, arranged interviews. By February 2010 I knew where I wanted to go, how long it would take, how much it would cost. But I still had a job and needed one to pay bills while I was in school.

I was looking for a swing shift job (that wasn’t in a club or casino so I could keep my clothes on, thank you very much!) when my boss called me into her office on March 20. She heard I was looking for another job. Yes, to attend school. When would this be happening?? I had no idea. Hand in your keys, this is your last day. Wow. Huh. Shit. In the end this was a blessing in disguise. Since I had gotten fired, I qualified for unemployment. I enrolled in school the next day, started classes April 18, 2010. I graduated with a 99% February 2, 2011 and had my license in hand at my station in the salon on April 2, 2011. It isn’t the job at 17 years old upon graduating high school that I thought I would be doing at 40 years old. But I don’t think I ever thought about that back then. I do know that not only does doing hair fit all my parameters but I really enjoy myself. I am my own boss, I set my own hours, I’m outgoing, I wear whatever I feel like wearing (and I’m pretty sassy!), I socially interact constantly, I make people feel more beautiful and in turn I feel more beautiful. I’m happy. I’m reinvented!!

Me outside the shop!!!

Soup’s On!!!

I’ve gotten asked quite often about food and running. I have a lot of ideas that have and have not worked but in the end the best advice I can give is to try, try again.

For example, Gatorade (which many athletes drink) makes me puke. Every. Single. Time. No question. I always bring my own liquid electrolyte replacement in my pack during a race.  Always.  I don’t know what they’ll have at aid stations and I refuse to take the chance. Throw up your guts a couple times mid race and tell me I’m silly. I’ve tried several drinks on training runs and (so far) there are only two that don’t make me puke. Cytomax and EnduroMax.  I like them, I stick with them.

Pre-run my absolute favorite thing to have is a small cup of coffee and ginger snaps.  Love them.  Sure, I also have oatmeal, greek yogurt, banana and peanut butter or half a peanut butter sandwich on multi-grain bread.  Something small, not too hard to digest but with carbs and natural sugar.    I’ve tried other people’s suggestions to drink orange juice but the acid makes me cramp and feel awful so I had to dial it back a notch.  Keep it simple.  And don’t overdo the food.  Use your body to burn baby burn!!

On long runs that require more than liquid electrolytes my favorite are Sports Beans.  Not as chewy as gummy bear type energy chews that I have to suck out of my teeth for half an hour, not a gooey package I have to dispose of from Gu’s.  Easier, less messy.  I don’t mind the latter two options, but they’re not my #1 go to.

On runs that I ask (aka beg) someone to crew for me, I set up a box for their car.  My 19 year old daughter, Brianna is my all time favorite crew mate.  She rocks.  In the box, I put a thermos of coffee, extra water and liquid electrolytes.  I also add cutie oranges (which, oddly I can eat mid run problem free as opposed to orange juice which never settles), pretzels, Lindt Dark Chocolate balls and quartered peanut butter sandwiches.  I hand off my water pack and electrolyte bottles which she refills while I fix any clothing issues, pee roadside and eat whichever food is appealing to me.  I had an absolutely brilliant idea once to bring jello.  Considered liquid and infused with sugar it seemed like a quick, easy roadside fuel.  Nope.  Gross.  Puked.

By now you’re probably thinking maybe I have a weak stomach.  Not the case.  I’m just willing to try pretty much anything on a run.  Some I like a lot and use as staples, others I couldn’t stand and then there have been a lot of things I’ve tried that I didn’t care either way about.  I’ve run in groups (which I love) where we all stocked the crew vehicle.  It was a great way to try what worked for other people.  At a race once the aid station had watermelon.  I told the female volunteer I was in love with her and, even though I don’t like girls that way, I’d make out with her.  It was that good.  Nirvana.  Later in the race there was watermelon again.  It was handed to me on my way past and I devoured it only to realize it had been dipped in salt.  Not my thing.  Didn’t puke but wouldn’t do it again.  I wanted and needed the salt.  I wanted and “needed” the watermelon.  Not together in the same bite.  Maybe a few pretzels and then watermelon??

Post run what you’ll usually hear me say is, “Oh my gosh, I could eat a small cow!”.  I’m ravenous for meat.  Desperately.   A big, juicy burger salted and preferably with juice dripping down my arm which I will unabashedly lick off. The post race meal is best with a large group of sweaty, dirty, adrenaline high running junkies no matter what you eat.

Running is like a drug.  It takes a relatively well spoken, educated, refined woman who loves make-up, getting dressed up and high heels and turns her into a snot-rocketing, spitting, peeing in the bushes and eat whatever is handed to you woman who is most likely covered in scrapes and dirt.  It’s wonderful, beautiful, fun and freeing.  Embrace the potential to puke and get out there and try.  Preferably everything!! You’ll figure out what works for you and if you do it on training runs, the race itself goes much more smoothly.   Dinner is served!!!

Post race eats!!